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An Áit Eile


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  • 12/05/2020
  • Website
  • https://www.facebook.com/anaiteile
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  • TULCA Festival of Visual Art
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A new city centre space with a mission to change how independent culture is made and distributed in the West of Ireland

An Áit Eile is a not-for-profit cultural collective that aims to take an autonomous, grassroots approach to arts in the West of Ireland. An Áit Eile is a response to the need in Galway for a dedicated multi-use cultural space for communities, groups, and people to come together and realise their artistic desires. We’re looking to ensure the artists of Galway have access to the critical requirements to make their visions become reality, including a performance venue, production facilities, peer education and content delivery.

Our mission is to foster and facilitate Galway’s creative community by providing a locally run performance platform and marketplace for our city’s musicians, artists and designers. This means creating and developing a new space within Galway city that will provide an alternative to the privately owned venue scene. A space which gives access to everyone in our community to develop, create and deliver culture.

This space we envision will incorporate:

  • Communal Social Space & Café
  • Indoor Food & Crafts Market
  • Rehearsal Rooms
  • Recording Space
  • Educational Space
  • Artist & Designer Studios
  • Art Exhibition Space
  • Bookstore
  • A New Online Platform to Facilitate & Promote Galway’s Creative Community

The revenue generated by these activities will allow us to sustain the space and help us to avoid the pitfalls associated with state-subsidies or grants. We hope that this autonomy will encourage an inclusive, interdisciplinary approach that will empower those involved to determine Galway’s cultural future at a grassroots level. We believe that this form of local cultural engagement has the potential to affect real social change on a broader scale, and will allow us to forge a less precarious, more sustainable future for the arts in Ireland.

In the coming months, we will be running a series of events to try to change how culture is made and distributed in Galway.  We will hold our launch event in Nuns Island on the 13th of June, we hope to see you all there. (register to attend here)

To hear more, stay in touch or get involved sign-up on this page or get in touch at hello@aae.ie.

One response to “An Áit Eile”

  1. Sean Garvey says:

    I have been on the Set Dance scene for twenty five years and in just a handful of occasions I have had the enjoyment of dancing on a sprung floor. Here is the definition of a sprung floor: A sprung floor is a floor that absorbs shocks, giving it a softer feel. Such floors are considered the best available for dance and indoor sports and physical education. They enhance performance and greatly reduce injuries.

    The only sprung floor to my knowledge that is in Galway City is located in Seapoint Ballroom and surprisingly the cost of hiring out this facility for one night is 2,000 euro. Sadly, this once iconic venue to dancing is now covered by carpet tiles as a direct recommendation of The Health and Safety Authority. This is to protect patrons from slippages and falls who now play bingo there four nights a week. It is likely that dancers from all generations may never grace this venue again.

    I would like to state that it is imperative and essential that the new proposed City Centre space envisioned by An Áit Eile would incorporate a world class sprung floor to cater for the many dance formats within the city and to address its growing needs.

    Sean Garvey
    4 Devon Mews

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