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EU Code Week – Hour of Code


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Galway Education Centre in partnership with Galway 2020 and Coder Dojo to host county wide 'Hour of Code' events to promote digital literacy during European Code Week.

Galway 2020 is committed to digital literacy as an integral part of the culture of Galway. Galway Education Centre and Galway 2020 have teamed up to create a unique event to demonstrate that our children can code, that our communities support coding and, most importantly, that coding is FUN. During Europe Code Week (10th-18th October 2015) every primary school child will be able to participate in the largest coding event ever held in Ireland www.codeweek.eu.

They will get the chance to work on a project, write code and create programs using Hour of Code, www.hourofcode.com. Hour of Code is an introduction to coding which is available on computers, smartphones, and tablets (and even without any computer). Every primary school in Galway will host a one-hour class for each child during European Code Week.

Galway 2020 will actively track the number of schools and children participating in the event and will display the activity across Galway using a live map projected  onto a prominent venue in Galway during European Code Week (See map below). It is anticipated that this project, which will include over 250 schools and 30,000 children, will lay the foundations of a sustainable programme for digital literacy and a digital culture in 2020.

To find out more about the event or to organise your ‘hour of code’ event in Galway please contact coderdojogalway@gmail.com.

Schools signed up so far:


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