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Ballygar prepares for its end of project Sugán Meitheal on Bank Holiday Mon from 11 am to 4 pm.

There will be Hay Fever on the Fair Day of the annual Ballygar Carnival with work by artists Noel Arrigan, Ceara Conway, Leon Pacuret, Claudia Keegan and Louis Holian, all part of the Sugán Installation on the main street of the town. And of course there will be plenty of Sugán Rope making. This Sugan Installation is the end of their four month artist led project for Galway 2020’s Small Towns Big Ideas consisting of philosophy talk, community workshops, performance art, movement workshops and schools Sugán.

Noel Arrigan’s large Sugán structure will include a video installation by Ceara Conway. Claudia Keegan’s Fairy Tale Straw House invites children to write a new 2020 Fairy Tale for this area. A Community Sugán Meitheal making lengths of Hay Rope to roof our Sugán Sanctuary Installation will keep them all busy on the day while Leon Pacuret’s Sugán Cailleach will oversee all goings on.
Ballygar’s Fair Day is one of the oldest events of the annual Ballygar Carnival. Its a Traditional Fair with farm animals, traders, funfair and heritage stalls. We invite all our neighbors in city and county to come and join the Sugán Meitheal on Monday, come weave and twist some rope and come and have a county celebration of our 2020 success.

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