Making Waves: ‘A Hugely Exciting Time for Galway’

> Jo Lavelle

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This is a hugely exciting time for Galway City and County. Having the opportunity to take on this ambitious project, and deliver it with flourish, will have a huge knock-on effect for the region – culturally, socially, economically.

From now until 2020, the momentum will gradually build, culminating in what should be an exceptional cultural experience for every single person living in and visiting Galway. We want Galway 2020 to be the catalyst that creates a Galway where lives are continually enriched through culture, where vibrancy and creativity flow throughout every corner of the city and county.

Galway 2020, through its ambitious at-home and outreach programmes, in addition to its European partnerships, will have a cultural impact nationally and internationally. It’s also an opportunity to lay the foundations for the changes that need to be made on a wider scale, to make Galway the very best that it can be, particularly when it comes to cultural infrastructure and access to culture.

With just under two years to go until Galway hosts European Capital of Culture 2020, detailed plans to host the biggest cultural event this city and county has ever seen, are well underway. Following an in-depth audit of the bid book, we’re now in the delivery stage. We’re in the process of building all of our teams, who will be responsible for the execution of our ambitious programme.

On a wider scale, we are also working on our diaspora programme, which involves reaching out to the diaspora communities, inviting them to ‘Come Home to Galway 2020’. We need to tell people what we’re capable of and then we need to deliver it.

I’ll be answering any questions in this article on a weekly basis, so feel free to drop a line to ceoquestions@galway2020.ie with any questions you might have regarding Galway 2020. Galway 2020 is about you, the people of Galway City and County.

Hannah Kiely,
Chief Executive, Galway 2020

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