Making the Cut with Skylight 47

Getting published as a writer or poet can be really challenging when starting out – challenging, and sometimes disheartening.

Sorcha Nic Aodha

Many of the best writers’ work was rejected time and again before finally being published, but this knowledge sometimes doesn’t make the challenge any easier.

One Galway 2020 Small Towns Big Ideas project is giving writing groups around the county and city the opportunity to have their work published in bi-annual magazine Skylight 47. The Let the Stories Be Told project is a special issue of the well-known Galway poetry magazine, Skylight 47, that will focus on the three main themes of Galway 2020: ‘Language’, ‘Landscape’, and ‘Migration’ in 2019. The aim of the project is to give a writing platform to groups from Galway City and County who have not previously had their work published extensively. The issue, which will feature memoir, short fiction, poetry and visual art, is open to submissions from creative writing groups in Galway City and County who are under-represented in print media.

“Several established poets have acknowledged the importance of a magazine like Skylight 47 and the pivotal role it plays in publishing the work of poets early in their career, poets who are testing the water to get their writing in print and who are trying to build up a publishing history,” says Skylight 47’s Bernie Crawford.

“The legacy from this project is that people who ordinarily would not have their stories heard will have an opportunity to do so, not only in a print medium but also through reading them in front of a large audience. People will gain creative writing skills in whatever genre they choose to write: poetry, memoir or short fiction. They will also meet other writers and, together with the skills they have acquired, they will be encouraged to continue writing and publishing in the future,”

she adds.

The editors will also work closely with up to three selected groups, providing each group with skilled creative writing facilitation. All contributors to the special issue and supplement will be invited to the launch of the magazine in September 2019 to read their contribution before an invited audience.

The criteria for the possibility of inclusion in the issue includes: that groups should be based in Galway City or County, identify as under-represented in existing print media, and have a special interest in creative writing. These criteria, together with information on the project, as well as guidance on the interpretation of the themes, are available on the Skylight 47 website and in the next regular issue of Skylight 47, Issue 11.

Let the Stories Be Told will be launched at Galway 2020 on 16 Merchant’s Road on Thursday 18 October at 5pm.

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