Small Towns Big Ideas project to feature at Traidphicnic Festival 2018

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One of the first successful Small Towns Big Ideas projects to take place this year, Deasghnátha an Chroí / Rituals of the Heart, will feature at this year’s Traidphicnic Festival from 6 to 8 July in An Spidéal.

Deasghnátha an Chroí / Rituals of the Heart, a visual art project by Cúl An Tí, will include five new largescale art works, which will be on display outdoors and indoors at the festival from contemporary visual artists from the Cois Fharraige area.

The artists were invited to create new work in response to the theme Rituals of the Heart, with an emphasis on an artistic engagement with the social and material realities of the Gaeltacht Cois Fharraige community.

Deasghnátha an Chroí / Rituals of the Heart is an open-ended theme investigating the power of ritual to weave together the components of our lives; binding individual to community, body to nature, mind to meaning, and minute to minute. Rituals of the Heart focuses on the rituals that strengthen the heart of a rural community or offer perfect protection to the individual heart. It explores the connection with our coastal heritage, and those which will bring us safely into an unknown future.


The artworks include:


Tim Kelly – Tírdhreach Faoi Cheilt  / Hidden Landscapes

Tim’s stonework was inspired by a bog oak that was exposed when a storm revealed a drowned forest in Connemara in 2014. Over thousands of years, the sea has advanced and retreated many times, giving away some of its secrets. The land we occupy now has been sculpted over millions of years.


Lelia ní Chathmhaoil – Ag Cóireadh An Leaba / Making the Bed

In this ambitious outdoor sculptural piece, Lelia looks at rituals connected with the home, working with the frame of a discarded mattress to recreate a bedroom scene on site.


Andrea Rossi Spás Rúndiamhair / Sacred Spaces

Painting and Sculpture. Andrea is interested in how other people use their own rituals to clear their mental clutter, create visions, and solve problems. 


Aoife CasbyAg Beannú duit / Saying Hello

A text-based bi-lingual sculpture is based on a fun journey into the power of naming, greeting, putting words to object and materials encountered during slow, attentive walks in Connemara.  


Nuala Ní Fhlathúin – Gairdín an n-ochtapas / The octopuses’ garden

An engaging and interactive workshop aimed at bringing older and younger generations together to work creatively. Artist Nuala Ní Fhlathúin and participants will create a large octopus-themed installation using clay, cloth and natural materials in a shipping container. Projections of underwater footage will set the scene.


Nuala Ní Fhlathúin, who is heading up the ‘Cúl An Tí’ project, says the group are delighted to present this very special project at Traidphicnic 2018. “We invite the public to join us for a range of exhibitions and art workshops, with a focus on playful, interactive and thoughtful work. Small rituals play a part in all of our daily lives and with this project, we will celebrate these moments of connection with open air sculpture, painting, and interactive installations. Keep an eye out for octopuses, cats, and teddybears made of old rope!


CEO of Galway 2020, Hannah Kiely, says it is such quality projects that engage local communities that are at the heart of Small Towns Big Ideas. “In Galway, we have such a wealth of talented organisations, who do amazing work within the community. Small Towns Big Ideas is about supporting these organisations in any way we can. This is about all of our communities – both county and city – engaging with art, and enabling areas to be enriched through art.”


Photo credit: Cúl an Tí Facebook

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