Making Waves: Small Towns Big Ideas Update

> Jo Lavelle

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For over eight weeks, community groups from all over the city and county put their heads together for our Small Towns Big Ideas open call early this year.

They mulled, they brainstormed and they inspired each other to create amazing ideas that could transform their communities. Having an idea is the easiest part, however – putting those ideas into concrete plans that can be executed is the greatest challenge, and rise to the challenge they did.

We received almost 150 applications for Small Towns Big Ideas projects. These ranged from small community-based celebrations to large ambitious projects, and everything in between. We have been truly impressed with the quality of ideas that Galway communities have put forward.

An independent panel will be meeting later this month to assess the applications, and the successful projects will be announced on 20 May. The Small Towns Big Ideas initiative has the ability to transform communities, bringing people together to create, to celebrate, and to experience culture. We’re very excited to see just what our communities are capable of…watch this space.

Hannah Kiely, Chief Executive, Galway 2020

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