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Wires Crossed a 4-year project set to highlight the importance of physical and mental health by bringing the dynamic art of funambulism to all corners of Europe officially kicks off!


The River Corrib that flows through the heart of Galway city is one of the shortest yet fastest rivers in Europe. To Galwegians, the Corrib embodies the breath-taking beauty and fierce power of nature. It also, tragically, serves as a reminder of the fragile mental health of our young people and can be seen as a representation of our city and county’s high rates of suicide. Wires Crossed has emerged from a strong desire to highlight this crisis and help restore balance within our communities.

By embracing the vitality that courses through our and other European cities, this project aspires to re-infuse life, hope and courage into landscapes carrying great sadness and beauty. Wires Crossed is set to bring the dynamic art of funambulism (tightrope walking) to all corners of Europe through a partnership with CARAVAN, the European network of youth and social circus schools.

Galway Community Circus, in partnership with nine European youth and social circus schools, will train people of all ages and backgrounds to walk the tightwire. The participants will experience funambulism’s empowering, transformative effect, and together we will cross wires to foster healthier communities as we strive toward a more balanced Europe. This ambitious and inclusive project will culminate in a major funambulism event in Galway in 2020, where 400 funambulists from all around Europe will cross the River Corrib together.

Wires Crossed runs from 2017-2020 and beyond. The first phase of the project is a partnership between Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles (Brussels), Cabuwazi (Berlin) and Galway Community Circus.

The first phase of Wires Crossed project has kicked off between Galway Community Circus, and two of their partners; Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles and Cabuwazi – youth circus schools from Brussels and Berlin. This is funded by Erasmus+ through Irish national agency Leargas.

Follow the developments on this exciting projects over the next few months as trainers and students learn the skill of funambulism in a bid to culminate in a major tightrope walking and funambulism festival in Galway in 2020 where the ‘walkers’ will traverse wires cross Europe together.


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