A Bird at My Window and Other Stories

Date 30.07.2021

This event is closed to the public

A Bird at My Window and Other Stories is a magical and thought-provoking response to an Italian children’s book, transforming the hospital bed areas of young patients into miniature theatre spaces using puppetry, storytelling, shadow play, and soundscapes. Theatre practitioners Sarah Fuller and Manuela Corbari create an immersive, inclusive experience as they share an enchanting collection of stories where the natural and human worlds are intertwined. Nature provides a backdrop of wonder for tales about love for the weakest and smallest creatures, love for diversity, and about the deep significance of caring for those in need.

Inspired by the book Nine Stories About Love by Italian writer Giovanna Zoboli and Portuguese illustrator Anna Ventura, the project was developed through an extended process of engagement with paediatric patients and their families at University Hospital Galway.

The project has been specially commissioned for the five Paediatric Units of Saolta University Health Care Group: University Hospital Galway, Portiuncula University Hospital, Mayo University Hospital, Sligo University Hospital and Letterkenny University Hospital.

Artists Manuela Corbari and Sarah Fuller


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