A Poem for the Sweetest Season – Reveal

Date 01.02.2020
Time 07:00 AM
Venue Online

Presented by Galway 2020 in association with Poetry Ireland.

Because poetry has the power to enlighten, entertain, stimulate and seduce, Galway 2020 is commissioning a poem for each of the four seasons.

For the first of our poetry commissions, Galway 2020, in association with Poetry Ireland has commissioned Moya Cannon to create a poem marking the season of rebirth and renewal. Despite the present Arctic chill, against which only the foolhardy would venture outside without full rig of scarf, gloves and hat, here comes the spring. Warm yourself with Moya Cannon’s new poem as we celebrate the sweetest season.

Together with our friends at Poetry Ireland, we will produce a limited edition printed pocket poem to gift Moya’s poem to every baby born in Galway during February 2020. Spring has sprung!


A Song at Imbolcreleased 1 February, St Brigid’s Day.

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