Aerial Sparks

Date 29.06.2018
Time 10:00 AM
Venue Celtic Explorer
Organiser Aerial/Sparks

Galway 2020 Project Aerial/Sparks made an appearance on the Celtic Explorer as part of Sea Fest.

Aerial/Spark’s artist, Louise Manifold, created a film about her journey on the explorer from Galway to Newfoundland in 2017 as a part of the project. The film, entitled The Crossing, features singer Adrian Crowley, and is shot on Super 8. There was also be an opportunity to meet with Louise on board.

Aerial/Sparks was a project created by Louise Manifold that aimed to create a series of standalone artworks for radio broadcast, inspired by the concept of traditional broadcasting and the use of sonar and other technology for data collection. The interdisciplinary art project for radio broadcast included many artists, writers and musicians from Ireland and Europe.

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