Borrow – Stay Dry – Return

Date 22.10.2021
Venue Galway City Library, Westside Library, Ballybane Library
Organiser Hope It Rains | Soineann No Doinneann
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Drop into a Galway City library, borrow a beautifully customised brolly, stay dry when it rains and bring it back for the next person to use. Borrow – Stay Dry – Return is Galway-based social sewing group Sew Last Season’s umbrella sharing scheme, to promote a sharing culture in Galway.

The group hand-decorated over 40 umbrellas using fabric and trimmings from clothing which had been donated to Saint Vincent de Paul shops and which had remained unsold. They used a range of techniques including crochet, appliqué, lacework, embroidery, felting and more. Each umbrella is completely unique, and showcases the skills and styles of a volunteer.
This is a winning entry to the Weatherproof Me! International Design Competition, co-curated with Jeni Roddy, which challenged artists and designers to create wearable designs that embrace Galway’s weather and transform our behaviour in the wind, the rain and the dark.

Share a picture of yourself using a brolly, and tag #Hopeitrains2020, #Galway2020, #SewLastSeason

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