Date 18.12.2020 - 28.02.2021
Venue Online
Organiser Sample Studios
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A digital exhibition of the work of the members of Sample-Studios, A4 Sounds and Engage Art Studios
Curated by Guest Artist Curator Nicola Anthony

Supported by Cork City Council and Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture

Artists: Paul Malone, Brigid Mulligan, Noelle Gallagher, Aoife Claffey, Kim-Ling Morris, Seiko Hayase, Kathryn Kelly, Aideen Farrell, Alisha Doody, Megan Scott and Vivienne Molloy.

Available online from 18 December 2021 to 28 February 2021

Our minds can work in a hybrid of sensory, verbal, and emotional modes. If we choose to, we can look under the surface of everything that we think of as a constant and understand it anew. As a result of Covid 19, the boundaries our personal realms have shifted. A more ambiguous space has opened up: how we read and understand the language and landscape of the world has changed. This exhibition brings together artworks which explore the liminal space in between: art borne of the year 2020 when we can often find ourselves at a loss for words, when time has elongated and place has been constricted, when death and loss have loomed large in all our lives.

Through the lens of the artists we start to see how messages and traces are present in unexpected places. The artists bring a glimmer of hope as well as an honest look at themes which are often deeply coded, hard to process, or unspoken. From artworks which explore the histories embedded within objects and spaces; to explorations of aphasia, anxiety, loss and death; to artworks examining the markers of place and time, language barriers, and otherness. The mediums include hologram, sculpture, morse code, soil, photography, embroidery and an interactive sound/art walk. The artists invite you to see the world from a more permeable, liminal, intangible place.

This exhibition will be accompanied by a series of weekly filmed interviews with participating artists.