Creating with Nature

Date 01.04.2021 - 30.06.2021
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Creating with Nature is the third in a series of projects that Friends of Merlin Woods have developed as part of the Galway 2020 Small Towns Big Ideas programme.

Creating with Nature looks at how art can be used effectively involving an educational and balanced relationship with nature. It explores how to engage the community with the practice of art using a Leave No Trace principle.

With the increase of outdoor activity during Covid times, public areas have become part of the artist’s pallet and many artists now turn to these places to showcase or invite community engagement in the practice of art.

Friends of Merlin Woods, with artist Debbie Reilly, will explore the practice of Creating with Nature and engage with the local community, highlighting simple practices, educational information, methodology and art.

This project will create a range of temporary, non-intrusive pieces of woodland art in Merlin Woods and will document these through video and photography in order to share with the local community and provide an educational resource for the ongoing work of Friends of Merlin Woods.

These temporary woodland art pieces will be created during April 2021 and can be woodland walkers who are within their travel restriction distance.





About Friends of Merlin Woods

The practice of art can have a positive effect on the people who respond but it sometimes fails to recognise the wild species which may be inadvertently affected by it. Over several years Friends of Merlin Woods have engaged in artistic practices to raise awareness of the environment around them and have worked to ensure that the art created does not impact negatively on the species of the woodlands.


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