Crossing the Line, Episode Five: Our European Partnerships Continue to Thrive

Date 29.04.2021
Venue Online
Organiser Blue Teapot Theatre Company
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Crossing the Line: ‘The Festival that never was, the Celebration that is’ Episode Five: Our European Partnerships Continue to Thrive


Although the Crossing the Line Festival was cancelled due to Covid-19, the European Partnerships continue to thrive. A Crossing the Line Digital Festival will take place online across October/November 2021.

There are exciting upcoming projects to look forward to in the Autumn. Blue Teapot has been chosen by French company Zone Poeme to engage in a collaborative project that places Aran Islands at the heart of a 28 European country project.

The inspirational subject matter is Antoinin Artaud in Ireland – an exploration of the historical journey of a renowned French dramatist to the Aran Islands and west of Ireland in 1937.


Blue Teapot will join French (Zone Poeme, L’Oiseau Mouche), Polish (Teatr 21, Warsaw) and Dutch (Theater Babel, Rotterdam) artists in workshops on the Island of Inis Oírr at Aras Eanna, 4th – 8th October 2021.

Being on the Aran Island is integral to the experience for visiting participants. The environs of Connemara, Aran Islands and Galway are critical to the subject matter being explored.

A documentary is being made by Fionn Rogers, spanning nine years of the ‘Crossing the Line’ partnership. The documentary covers the creation, adaptation & production of Into the Dark Woods.

All this is not to say that ‘Into the Dark Woods’ will remain a digital performance. The beautiful set has been built, the script written & rehearsed. Blue Teapot will bring you a live performance of the production when restrictions lift.

Who knows what the future will bring but we are positive we will see you soon. Watch This Space!

About ‘The festival that never was, the celebration that is.

Blue Teapot Theatre Company is delighted to launch a digital mini-series ‘The Festival that never was, the celebration that is’ of a nine-year span of work. This series encapsulates the many highlights of Crossing the Line, a network of leading European arts organisations for intellectually disabled artists and our Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture journey from inception of the bid book to present day.

Along with six partner organisations from Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, England, Wales & France, we worked towards our most ambitious project yet – Crossing The Line Festival with over 100 Irish and European artists,and theatre makers due to participate in a first for a European Capital of Culture. Programmed for May 2020, the festival was cancelled as a result of the pandemic and Blue Teapot’s flagship theatre show ‘Into the Dark Woods’ by Charlene Kelly was reimagined. We continue to develop the production and are looking forward to bringing audiences live performances once theatres re-open.

Who knows what the future will bring but we are positive we will see you soon!

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