Studio Drop

Date T.B.C
Venue Inis Oírr
Organiser Jordan Ralph and Harrison Gardner
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‘You have to do it wrong to get it right’ – Pádraig Póil
Dry Stone Wall Builder

An architecture and design project commissioned by Drop Everything for Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture. Designed by Jordan Ralph and built by Harrison Gardner.

Inspired by both the aesthetic and construction methods found along Ireland’s West coast landscape – from ancient stone walls and Beehive Huts to Martello Towers and Lighthouses.

Designer Jordan Ralph also took inspiration from construction methods used by local boat builders in Galway. After an inspired visit with boat builders restoring the ‘Loveen’ Galway Hooker, Jordan reworked his design to use the traditional techniques seen in Hooker builds. The Studio will be a curved structure, designed as a space to think, read, write, and develop ideas. Interior design features include a hammock style daybed created using the same techniques as woven lobster pots.

This project explores off-grid, deployable and temporary modular spaces; which can relocate if necessary.

Viewing, by appointment only, will take place in March 2021. For more info, contact

Follow the project @studio_drop