Future Landscapes Exhibition

Date 31.05.2019
Time 05:00 PM
Venue Cornstore

Future Landscapes is an intensive four-week mixed reality programme created in conjunction with the Moore Institute at NUI Galway as a part of the Galway 2020 digital programme and run by Rachel Uwa of the internationally-renowned School of Machines, Making and Make-believe.

The programme focused on enhancing physical and social landscapes and exploring the potentials of mixed reality with the aim of developing capacity in the creative application of virtual and augmented reality technologies.

On Friday, 31 May a showcase exhibition of work produced over the course of the workshop will be presented by the participants who come from a variety of backgrounds including theatre, visual and digital arts, animation, as well as from the research community within the College of Arts at NUI Galway.

Exhibition visitors will have the opportunity to explore a variety of cutting-edge, work-in-progress projects created during the programme, and to meet the project creators.



Artwork: Rachel Uwa, School of Machines, Making and Make-believe founder


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