Galway Stories: Virtual Production Series through a 2020 lens

Date 01.05.2021 - 30.06.2021
Venue Online
Organiser Galway Film Centre
Event Website Click here

This May, Galway Film Centre will produce and curate a series of online seminars on the subject of Virtual Production.


Virtual Production continues to gain traction and attention by the day. Galway Film Centre was an early adopter of virtual production technology and we have first hand experience of breaking down the barriers to the world of virtual production and how daunting that can be when starting out. We want to capture our knowledge and experience over the last two years with our Screen Talent Europe partners and share this with the Irish and European industry to help make virtual production more accessible. As part of the Northern Peripheries Galway 2020 Project we will produce a series of online seminars that will inform the audience on everything from starting your first project with Unreal Engine, working with virtual trackers to multi user editing.

Information available online on virtual production is currently predominantly centered on what people are doing with high end LED Volumes, and less focused on setups with limited hardware and software. This can make it difficult for anyone starting out to fully understand what is being showcased and how it can be achieved.  Galway Stories: Virtual Production through a 2020 Lens will shine a light on the whole process of virtual production filmmaking and highlight the key challenges and opportunities for independent filmmakers looking to use the process with a much more accessible and affordable setup for Mixed Reality, Green Screen using HTC Vive Pro.


Galway Stories: Virtual Production Through a 2020 lens is presented by Galway 2020 and Galway Film Centre in association with Screen Talent Europe with support from GMIT, Moetion Films and Epic Games.

Episode 1: Hardware and Software Overview

The first video in our series is our Hardware and Software Overview. Drawing on our technical proficiency over a year of research, production, development and testing, Galway Film Centre have arrived at a great technological setup that is needs driven and budget friendly.

Episode 2: Getting Started 

From using Steam to set up your VR space to getting acquainted with Unreal Engine 4, this video will set you up with all the information you need. Leaning on support from Epic Games and industry peers, our presented workflow in Unreal Engine 4 has proven itself to be robust. 

Episode 3: Virtual Cameras

This seminar will cover how to bring your live camera feed into your Unreal 4 project. That includes the hardware setup, how to connect your camera to your Aja Kona Card, using a HTC Vive Tracker to track your camera, how to find your camera lens’s entrance pupil, and what the best blueprints are for the job.

Episode 4: Greenscreen

This seminar will cover how to set up your Greenscreen including defining its boundaries which is hugely important to your workflow. We’ll also be looking at how to set up your composure composition which will include the foreground, background, garbage matte and video feed elements. This is where everything starts to come together! 

Episode 5: Live Action

In this seminar we will demonstrate how to shoot the live action component of a project and bring it live into the Unreal Engine 4 scene. This will include multiple outputs, deciding how the scene will be recorded and setting up the timecode and genlock. The tutorial will also show how to edit the footage appropriately in the Adobe Suite.

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