InterAction Flagship Project: The Stars In Winter by John Rogers

Date 29.11.2020
Time 08:00 PM
Organiser InterAction
Event Website Click here

The Stars in Winter, is set sometime in the future. The world is at peace. Disease, hunger, poverty and violence are all practically consigned to history. Humans share a symbiotic existence with a host of artificial intelligent entities. One human, Conn, works in collaboration with the AI Ishtar on a project that is part art, archaeology, identity study and theology. Ishtar’s almost infinite processing capability allows them to use immensely powerful quantitative analysis tools to deep dive into ancient myth and narratives. Their goal is to discover the names for the planets and stars as used by the ancient Irish before the coming of Christianity. These names were never recorded in text and so have been lost to us all, until now.


The performance will launch online Nov 29, incorporating virtual reality and 360 camera work.

Produced by Galway Theatre Festival, commissioned by Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture.

Supported by: Art in Mind, Studio Vodka

Price: Free



Written, directed and performed by: John Rogers

Digital Artist: Meredith Thomas

Produced by: Jane Hanberry

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