Livefeed Tuam

Date 07.12.2019
Time 02:20 PM
Venue Tuam Youth Café
Organiser Livefeed

Livefeed aims to grow a culture of youth music in Galway City and County.

By holding regular workshops and open mic events for young people aged 13 to 18, Livefeed support the developing confidence of young performers and give them an introduction to the music industry, event production and music technology.

Following a series of workshops in the Tuam area, Livefeed will host its last live music event of the year at Loughrea Temperance Hall on Saturday 7 December at 2.20pm, showcasing local young bands and solo performers that have taken part in the project.


Admission is free and everyone is welcome.



If you are interested in performing please contact

Please contact to discuss any access or participation issues.

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