Loughrea Medieval Festival – A Taste of the Past: Exploring our European Connections

Date 24.08.2018 - 26.08.2018
Time 10:00 AM
Venue Loughrea
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Loughrea Medieval Festival brought together artists, musicians, food lovers and a range of people from Ireland, Spain and Hungary with their Small Towns Big Ideas project ‘A Taste of the Past: Exploring our European Connections’.

Loughrea Medieval Festival recognised that food is a central part of any celebration and a common identity regardless of our culture. Through a series of events from 24 to 26 August 2018, ‘A Taste of the Past: Exploring our European Connections’, gave attendees the opportunity to understand our cultural similarities and differences and to learn from each other; thus, uniting and strengthening the connection between Ireland, Spain and Hungary.

Events over the weekend included:

‘A Taste of the Past: Exploring our European Connections’, Friday 24 August, 7pm – Lough Rea Hotel, Athenry Road.

A unique evening celebrating our rich European food heritage.

‘Drawn Together: The Loughrea Zibaldone Project’, Sunday 26 August, 1pm – 5pm – Loughrea Medieval Festival Tent (The Fairgreen).

The Loughrea Zibaldone Project involved sketchers from Hungary, Spain and Ireland sketching around the medieval town of Loughrea. Over the festival weekend, the artists created sketches that were brought together into a one of a kind handmade Zibaldone book.

‘Potato: King of the Vegetables’, Saturday 25 August, 2pm – 4.30pm – Temperance Hall Kitchen, Barrack Street.

Noel Loughnane, Culinary Arts Lecturer GMIT and team, prepared and cooked potato dishes from Ireland, Spain and Hungary. This event was open to all and gave people an opportunity to see and sample recipes using ingredients available during the medieval period.

‘Loughrea Heritage Town Walk & Talk’, Sunday 26 August, 12.45pm Start Location: Clonfert Diocesan Museum, in the grounds of St. Brendan’s Cathedral, Barrack Street

A walking tour with knowledgeable local guides from Loughrea Memorial Group Discover, Colman Shaughnessy and Joe Loughnane. 

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