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Culture – it’s about who we are, who we dream of being, how we see the world.

Date 21.09.2018
Time 06:00 PM

On Friday 21 September 2018, culture in all its wonderful forms was celebrated throughout the county and city in various venues and public spaces. 


At Galway 2020 we opened the doors to our work space for our Culture Night Galway 2020 Open House. There was lots of tea, lots of opportunity to chat, while sampling some of the great culture on offer in Galway City and County.


Running from 6pm to 10.30pm, there was a series of talks and entertainment, including live trad and African music, dance, and Virtual and Augmented Reality demonstrations. There was screenings by Little Cinema, talks on Gaeilge and discussions around the UNESCO recognition of Irish uileann pipes as an important and unique cultural heritage symbol. There was talks on community projects and their effect on the community by those heading up some of our Small Towns Big Ideas projects.


The main theme of our Culture Night event was ‘We Need to Talk About…’. ‘We Need to Talk About…’ was a pilot project that asks people from all corners of Galway to tell us what it is they would like to talk about. The ideas and suggestions helped inform this project.

From the wider issues of climate change, the refugee crisis, rising inequality and growing isolationism in the West, to issues such as homelessness, traffic congestion mental health – we wanted to talk about it all. No issue was too big, or too small.


We asked everyone around Galway to have a think about what it is they want to talk about. You could write your idea down on the postcards we provided on the night and post it in one of our ‘We Need to Talk About…’ postboxes which were located at our base on Merchant’s Road. The postcards were also be available at various locations throughout the county on the night.

6pmThe Melting Pot Luck – Galway

7pm – We need to talk about…

7.45pm – We need to talk about…Gaeilge

8.15pm – We need to talk about…Uileann Piping

9pm – Live Feed – Amy Rose & Eoin Hardiman

9.30pm – Trad Session

6pm – 10.30pm
Call in for a Cuppa.
We Need to Talk About – Postcard Pilot Project
Little Cinema Galway

7pm – 9.30pm
The Digital Room

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