Mirror Pavilion by John Gerrard – Leaf Work

Date 20.03.2021 - 11.04.2021
Venue Derrigimlagh Bog
Organiser Galway International Arts Festival
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Leaf Work, located at Derrigimlagh Bog in Connemara, presents a lone melancholy virtual figure on the LED screen of the Mirror Pavilion, clad in oak leaves. Derrigimlagh Bog was the transmission site for the first transatlantic radio signal from the Marconi station in 1907 and the landing place for Alcock and Brown’s first ever transatlantic plane crossing in 1919.

The leaf character here performs a lament for the effects of these and many other accelerating human technologies upon non–human worlds. She walks a slow simple circle within a choreography based on the position of the sun. Her sorrow is the antithesis of the dynamism and confidence of Corn Work.

Mirror Pavilion, Leaf Work | Derrigimlagh Bog, Connemara 20 March – 11 April, 2021

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