‘Open House’ for Culture Night

Date 21.09.2018
Time 06:00 PM
Venue Galway 2020 Offices
Organiser Galway 2020

We’re hosting an ‘Open House’ as part of this year’s Culture Night and everyone’s invited to come pay a visit.

There’s a full programme of events planned that will explore various aspects of our culture including talks, film, dance and music from throughout the community. It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people, and start new conversations…

So, drop in for the culture, or a nice warm cuppa.

6pmThe Melting Pot Luck – Galway

7pm – We need to talk about…

7.45pm – We need to talk about…Gaeilge

8.15pm – We need to talk about…Uileann Piping

9pm – Live Feed – Amy Rose & Eoin Hardiman

9.30pm – Trad Session

6pm – 10.30pm
Call in for a Cuppa.
We Need to Talk About – Postcard Pilot Project
Little Cinema Galway

7pm – 9.30pm
The Digital Room

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