Date 29.07.2020 - 30.07.2020

POST_ is a newly commissioned audio-based artwork by acclaimed Irish artist Deirdre O’Mahony designed to allow hospital patients, staff, and the wider public to imaginatively visit familiar parts of the West of Ireland. Unfolding a portrait of aspects of rural life, it explores the healing power of being in nature and the connection between place and practice.

Combining a scripted voiceover and ambient recordings made in regions served by Saolta University Health Care Group, POST_ is an immersive journey through the social, cultural, and natural sounds of a year’s passing. Interweaving evocative sounds of a place shaped by wind and sea, with sounds from the home, farm, mart, and match, the artwork draws attention to the relationships between people, animals, the land and the sea. Its seven ‘chapters’ are inspired by objects found in a former post office which the artist re-opened as a public art project in County Clare. These take listeners from the rural post office, through the Western landscapes of coast, bog, and mountain, to the peaceful environs of the Holy Well.

The audio artwork will be available online at from 9 November 2020 accompanied by an exhibition of photographs across Saolta’s seven hospitals, documenting the artist’s process.

Artist Deirdre O’Mahony

Sound recording John Brennan

Voiceover Donal Gallagher

Note: The launch of POST_ will take place on 9 November 2020. Audio artwork accessible online permanently and photographic exhibition across seven hospitals of the Saolta Group exhibited permanently (access subject to hospital restrictions).

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