Ragadawn (53° 16’N, Galway)

Date 08.03.2020
Time 07:00 AM
Venue The Mick Lally Theatre
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Please note change of venue: Ragadawn (53° 16’N, Galway) will now take place at The Mick Lally Theatre at 7am.

Galway 2020 presents Ragadawn.

Ragadawn is a unique outdoor sunrise performance by international poet and sound artist Caroline Bergvall. This multisensory composition for two live voices, a dawn chorus of multiple recorded languages, alongside a special vocal work for soprano by Gavin Bryars, invites audiences to follow the slow rising of day. It draws on ancient and contemporary musical and literary sunrise traditions and makes both new and ancient languages sing.

Breath patterns, poetic voice, song, languages, electronic frequencies and passing sounds are all at work in this site-specific performance. Ragadawn recalls the cyclical patterns that connect all beings both to nature and society, and the awakening of mind and body. A powerful and moving voice performance that reconnects audiences to time, place and each other.



Outdoor Sunrise Performance Caroline Bergvall 
Vocal Composition Gavin Bryars
Soprano Ana Beard Fernández
Sound Design Rebecca Horrox
Sound Engineer, Jeph Vanger
Funded under the Galway 2020 Small Towns Big Ideas programme


Image credit: Sophie Gerrard, Isle of Skye 2018


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