Reimagine Loughrea – Architecture on the Edge

Date 04.10.2020
Time 02:00 PM
Venue The Walks
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As part of the annual Architecture at the Edge festival, BothAnd Group will be at the Through Thinning Landscapes installation at The Walks to discuss ideas relating to architectural agency and embedding ecology into the design process. 


From 18 September to 10 October, ‘The Walks’ in Loughrea, Galway, will be the location of a unique site-specific installation, ‘Through Thinning Landscapes’. This project aims to create an awareness-shifting experience for the individual: to provide a mandate for empathy with all stakeholders with whom we share our environment. Through experience the installation wishes to draw attention to the loss of the richness of life in the Irish landscape, and to inspire people to take action to resolve the urgent biodiversity crisis.


In his book, ‘Whittled Away’, Pádraic Fogarty describes Irish wildlife as having ‘been squeezed into . . . thin ribbons of treelines and hedgerows’. Grass monocultures dominate the Irish landscape, and in this installation, they loom over a narrow corridor through which there is just enough space to move. The individual moves through these thinning corridors for Irish wildlife, confronted by their loss. At the far end of the installation is a mirror, positioning the individual as a responsible agent within the complex systems of an environmental crisis.

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