Smart Arts Kinvara

Date 30.10.2018 - 11.11.2018
Time 12:00 PM
Venue The Old Courthouse
Organiser Kinvara Area Visual Arts

A group of 12 teenagers, all from the Kinvara area, collaborated with a group from Kinvara Areas Visual Arts (KAVA) on the project. The teenagers attended a series of smart phone photography workshops given by Markus Voetter, a professional photographer living in Kinvara. Each Smart Arts Kinvara participant produced a photographic image using their smart phone, all of which were used by a KAVA artist to produce a piece of work based on each image.

The photographs and KAVA artists’ work was exhibited together in the Kinvara Courthouse, a dedicated community arts centre and artist-run gallery from Tuesday 30 October to Sunday 11 November.

An opening of the exhibition took place at 7.30pm on Tuesday 30 October. 

Photo credits: Markus Voetter

About KAVA

KAVA is a community arts group based in Kinvara. Its aim is to support the visual arts and the artist and to embrace creativity in the Kinvara area of County Galway. KAVA currently has more than 60 members, representing a wide range of disciplines including painters, printmakers, sculptors, ceramicists, glass workers, photographers and graphic designers.

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