Speak Like No One in Particulars

Date 16.11.2020
Time 06:00 PM
Organiser InterAction
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Speak Like No One in Particulars is about listening and finding a voice to speak.


This very personal research and performance is an investigation of ‘emotional borders’ and how geography and social hierarchies emerge within the spoken voice. Exploring the ‘lexically light’ gaps between words that characterise Eszter Némethi’s spoken English voice, she explores how the different hesitations, fillers, stutters, intonations and strategies of escape communicate what is silenced.


Following her own voice through Europe and in conversation with different friends and experts, Eszter Némethi is constructing a text for collective reading by a participating audience and written for a listener afar. Playing with two differently engaged audiences and a formal frame between radio and theatre, the research opens a space to think about the politics of speaking and listening, voicing and belonging and how this relates to integration, emancipation and xenophobia.

There are two modes of encountering the work:

To participate as a reader-audience via zoom please email (limited capacity of 10)

Or you can simply listen to the live radio broadcast on

Produced by: Galway Theatre Festival, commissioned by Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture. Residency at Volksroom.

Supported by: VGC, Volksroom, K.A.K, 100% Free Space, Kunstencentrum BUDA, workspacebrussels, Art in Mind

Price: Free



Concept and lead artist: Eszter Némethi

Sound & Radio: Julia E. Dyck

Outside Eye: Caterina Mora

Production: Niamh Moroney

InterAction Producer: Jane Hanberry

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