Stand In My Shoes

Date 21.03.2021 - 21.03.2021
Time 03:00 PM
Venue Online
Organiser The Melting Pot Luck & Visionation

As part of a series of events to mark International Day Against Racism 2021 The Melting Pot Luck and Visionation present Stand In My Shoes.


Stand In My Shoes is a project that presents 3 short films seeking shine a light on 3 common themes and experiences for ethnic minorities living in Ireland:

  1. The difficulties in getting accommodation when you are not Irish


  1. Constantly being asked to change or shorten your name. Or worse, being told your name is “too difficult”


  1. And finally, the consistent and never-changing question – Where are you ACTUALLY from?

These 3 short films by The Meting Pot Luck and Visionation and produced by Lakshika Films will take us on a journey into the lives of ethnic minorities in Ireland providing a unique insight into issues of prejudice, racism and microaggressions that are an everyday experience for so many.


Stand In My Shoes will be available from 3pm on Sunday 21 March across the social media channels of Melting Pot Luck (Facebook, Instagram).


The Melting Pot Luck is a volunteer-run, non-profit community group of refugees, asylum seekers and Galway locals who host events and projects focused on solidarity and cultural exchange.


Visionation is a drama group based in Galway city, creating and performing theatre based on the actors experiences of living in Direct Provision.

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