UnSelfing/Deep States

Time 11:00 AM
Venue Nuns Island Theatre
Organiser TULCA

Following the guidance issued by the Government of Ireland on 12 March in relation to new measures to contain Covid-19, TULCA and Galway 2020 made the decision to postpone this event.

While we are extremely disappointed to have made these decisions, public health is our number one priority and we must follow Government advice.

Rescheduled date will be advertised.

Galway 2020 and TULCA Festival of Visual Art presents UnSelfing; a programme of exhibitions, performances and encounters with visual art, taking place in Galway and across the country.

Deep States is an exhibition curated by Helen Carey at Nuns’ Island Theatre.

Exploring ideas of complex states of freedom and responsibility, this exhibition will examine how these states are articulated, understood and inform social norms, and how this impacts on the personality and character of both the individual and on society.

What is explored is what makes up an individual’s freedom – whether bodily, spatially or mentally. How do these boundaries respond, react or collide when the collective of society is formed? How can the individual be just that – individual. Is the freedom buried deeply or worn in plain sight? What are the rules?

These are some of the areas to be explored in the extraordinary venue of Nun’s Island, Galway.

This exhibition will host works that question how people see themselves, others and the place and time they live in.

Towards the end of the exhibition, a schedule of performance and events will take place.


Monday – Saturday 11am to 5pm

Closed Sundays



Participating Artists


Dominic Thorpe (Ireland)
Veronika Merklein (Austria & Germany)
Andrej Mircev (Croatia)
Nikoleta Markovic (Serbia)
Eunseo Yi (South Korea)

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