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"We were delighted to be part of Galway's ECoC programme. It allowed us to dream bigger artistically and collaboratively and gave us the platform to share our work with the county, country and world. This, during a global pandemic, is no small feat." - Maeve Bryan, Galway Music Residency, Producer of the Mighty Ocean

“… Capital of Culture projects are important so that we can share knowledge, culture and create projects together that are not possible in any other way. This way, we can create long-term impact with a short-term project" - Kari Kola, Artist, Savage Beauty


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“Galway 2020, despite the challenges of the past year, delivered an engaging, exciting and impactful programme. At a time when we needed it most, the Arts were there for the people and through Galway 2020, Irish culture was made available around the world.” - Feargal Hynes, Executive Director, Druid


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"Baboró has benefited from the opportunity to commission Irish artists to make innovative work with and for children in our community, whilst engaging with exceptional artists from across the globe. These relationships and the collective experience will benefit Galway and its community for many years to come." - Aislinn hEocha, Director, Baboro International Festival for Children, producer of RISE

“The legacy of Virtually Here will span far beyond the scope of its timeline in providing valuable learning resources which can be accessed by teachers and pupils nationwide." - Michael Mc Namara, Team Leader, Immersive Classroom Project

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"Culture is about the extent of your imagination. Imagination can take you anywhere. Galway 2020 has taken us all on a journey, circumnavigating a pandemic, and filling our children, and our communities with curiosity with an unprecedented programme. We were delighted to play a small part" - David Minton, North Western Regional Assembly

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"We are thankful for the opportunity Galway 2020 presented us and, most of all, grateful to all the partners, artists, supporters, and friends who got us here. Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture year may be coming to an end but, for us, Galway will always be a capital of culture, deeply connected to Europe and the rest of the world. - Ulla Hokkanen, Executive Creative Director, Galway Community Circus Wires Crossed

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