Calling all Galway Cellists


Cellissimo Exhibition – Galway Cellists Photography Project

Music for Galway will be hosting an exhibition in April 2020 to present the Galway Cello, specially commissioned and made for the first edition of Cellissimo, a new triennial cello festival for Galway and the region presented with Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture. This exhibition is being curated by Rob D’Eath and will take place in 126 Artist-Run Gallery, St. Bridget’s Place.

The Galway Cello has been crafted from locally sourced materials by German luthier Kuros Torkzadeh (for many years resident in Galway) and the design is based on the Gore-Booth Stradivarius cello associated with Lisadell House, Sligo c.1710.

This new cello will be performed by internationally renowned cellists throughout the Cellissimo festival.  In addition, there will be an opportunity for County Galway cellists (amateur and professional) to try it out for themselves as the exhibition will include an installation of photographs of the cellists of Galway.  If you are over 18 and play the cello in an orchestra, an ensemble, take lessons or simply enjoy playing the cello by yourself or with friends and would like to be photographed playing the newly crafted cello, please contact the curator by email by Friday 19th July. Please write Galway Cellist on the subject line of your email.

These photographic prints will be presented as part of the installation in 126 Artist-Run Gallery alongside the Galway Cello. You will not be expected to perform a full piece while being photographed but instead to play an excerpt of something you enjoy or simply explore the sound of the new cello.

Each participant will receive, at the end of the exhibition, a complimentary photographic print of him or herself playing the Galway Cello.

The photoshoots will be held in July and August 2019 with dates and venue to be announced shortly.  Please contact Rob if you would like to talk about being one of the Galway Cellists.

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