Celebrating Diversity

In 2018, we’re lucky enough to live in a city and county with a rich cultural diversity.


Almost 20 per cent of the population of Galway City and County are originally from other countries throughout the world – Croatia, Germany, Poland, Nigeria, Lithuania, Pakistan, Latvia, India and China, among others. Our Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations are testament to the new diverse, contemporary Irish culture we now live in.

This diversity brings with it a wonderful opportunity to enrich our communities, to learn about each other, to experience life, and the place in which we live, from another perspective. Through celebrating our own cultures – be that food, dance, art, traditions – and sharing them with our neighbours, we can begin to create a richer, more inclusive, and a generally more enjoyable society.

Galway 2020 will place a large focus on celebrating diversity and inclusivity for all – for people of all ages, all nationalities, all backgrounds. We will come together, to share, to celebrate and to create something bigger than what we can achieve on our own.

Diversity is such an important part of our Galway 2020 programme. We seek to, not just include, but to shine a spotlight on, and celebrate the vitality and richness of cultures on our doorstep here in Galway City and County and right across Europe. We will celebrate Galway’s rich diversity of nationalities, beliefs, ethnicities and languages, in both large and small projects throughout our programme.

As such, our programme will include projects that have universal appeal, that will resonate with people of all backgrounds, and offer real scope to enable diverse participation. As a part of our Making Waves theme, we will encourage debate, raise awareness and challenge assumptions around issues of exclusion. We want to leave Galway a better place after 2020 than it is now…for every single person living and visiting here.

Our new neighbours and friends from across the world who have made Galway their home in recent years have brought with them a wealth of culture and traditions, which can only enrich and add to what we already had here in Galway.

Together, we can be amazing.

Galway 2020 And Galway Advertiser Partnership

We’re delighted to be partnering with the Galway Advertiser on our ‘Making Waves’ column, which will be running each week over the coming months. A big ‘thank you’ to Declan Varley, Máire McCarthy and Peter Timmins from all on the Galway 2020 team.


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