Craig Flaherty – Galway 2020 Cultural Producer


Craig Flaherty is a cultural producer with Galway 2020, and, along with Circostrada, Artscena and ISACS, is responsible for the rolling out of the three-day event FRESH STREET#3 

FRESH STREET happens every two years and this is the third iteration of the symposium, having been previously hosted by Spain and Portugal. 250 people from all over the globe will land in Galway to discuss the role and importance of street art in society. The overall theme of the symposium is Place and Identity and I think Galway provides a fantastic backdrop to explore these themes. 


Why Street Art Matters

 I think street art is highly important and is sometimes underestimated as a form. Given that street art is outdoors and generally free, it is highly accessible, and often is peoples first experience with the arts. It takes place around you and you sometimes don’t even know you are taking part or being an audience member until it happens – being an accidental audience member. 

“Ultimately, we want to create a year where people feel they have access to culture, that they are part of it and we collectively take part in a cultural exchange with each other.”

Galway and Street Art

Galway has a longstanding passion for street arts; audiences here understand and respect the art form. I think its always great to see audiences line the streets for a parade or form a circle around a piecethey know how to engage with and respect the work. You never see, in Galway the amount of barriers and fencing they have in other places or countries – the audience really connects to the work. This is obviously historical with all the epic stories that have unfolded on the streets and landscapes of Galway down through the years, with Macnas, Els Comediants and Royal de Luxe. Those who were inspired by this work went onto create their own work, and are now inspiring the next wave of artists. As part of the Galway 2020 programme, one of our key themes is Landscape’, and there is no question that the landscape of Galway City and County is going to place a massive role in a lot of productions, happenings and events throughout the year.”  



“If we can create more access to culture through street art, by work taking place in places that don’t always have access to work in the same way as people do in the city, that would be a fantastic achievement. Ultimately, we want to create a year where people feel they have access to culture, that they are part of it and we collectively take part in a cultural exchange with each other.” 


As a result of their partnership with Circostrada, the ISACS Network will host the International conference FRESH STREET#3 in partnership with Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture. This event is scheduled to take place from 22 – 24 May 2019. It will see over 250 international delegates with a professional background and passion for all things street arts from all over the world in attendance. Artists, practitioners, programmers, producers, festivals, stakeholders, policymakers, journalists and more will make up the audience.

The theme of this event is ‘Place and Identity’ and is driven largely by the global and local crisis that the world is experiencing currently in relation to how we relate, feel and perceive same.

The event will be hosted by the National University of Ireland, Galway, with a one-day exploration of place and identity on the beautiful Inis Oírr, Aran Islands.

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