Galway 2020 And RTÉ Partnership


Last week was a very big week for Galway 2020, with the beginning of an exciting partnership that will see RTÉ act as the lead national media partner for Galway 2020.

2020 will be a very special year for us – locally, nationally, and internationally. Joining forces with RTÉ means that all Galway 2020’s activity will be amplified, and elevated onto an international stage, inspiring audiences at home and abroad to get engaged in this momentous year. It will ensure that Galway 2020 will deliver a truly European Programme, which will enable the re-generation of more culturally vibrant communities in Galway City, County and beyond.

RTÉ has historically been a strong supporter of the Irish-language, the arts, culture, music, and sports – which is very much aligned with Galway 2020’s programme. Through our combined expertise and resources, we will enable local, national and international audiences to participate, both virtually and in person, in what will be an incredible fun-filled year for all.

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