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Galway 2020 Announces Major Corporate Partnership with Medtronic

Galway 2020, European Capital of Culture is delighted to announce a significant partnership with Medtronic, one of Galway’s leading medical technology, services and solutions companies.

The exciting partnership will see Medtronic become the official Health Partner of Galway 2020 and sponsor of the Wave Maker volunteer programme and the Wave Maker Health Hub, the first of its kind for a European Capital of Culture.

The Wave Maker volunteer programme will give people from all walks of life the opportunity to get involved in Galway 2020 in a meaningful way.  Galway 2020 volunteers will help connect communities across Galway city and county with each other as well as welcoming visitors from the wider world.  As a major partner for Galway 2020, Medtronic will continue to build its positive relationship with the local community and beyond.

“It’s fantastic to have a leading company such as Medtronic, which is such a major part of the fabric of Galway, on board supporting the ambitions of Galway 2020”

Medtronic employs more than 4,000 people across five sites in Ireland.  Through their leading medical technology, services and solutions, the company improves the lives and health of millions of people each year. Their sponsorship of the Wave Makers programme is an opportunity to support and directly enhance the lives of the thousands of people who will become part of the fabric of the year-long cultural programme in 2020.

Galway 2020 CEO Patricia Philbin said the partnership will provide invaluable support to Galway 2020; “It’s fantastic to have a leading company such as Medtronic, which is such a major part of the fabric of Galway, on board supporting the ambitions of Galway 2020” she said.  “Galway 2020 will be the cultural capital of Europe next year and it is our ambition to show Ireland, Europe and the world exactly what Galway has to offer.  Our Wave Maker volunteers will be an integral part of the delivery and success of Galway 2020 and this support from Medtronic will further consolidate that ambition.  We look forward to delivering an ambitious and genuine partnership that benefits Galway for years to come.”

“Medtronic is a significant corporate partnership for Galway 2020 which will enable us to deliver this showcase, and we anticipate that their expression of confidence will encourage others to come forward to ensure a lasting legacy that will benefit Galway for many years to come” she added.

Tony Neary, Vice President of EMEA Operations and General Manager of Medtronic Parkmore said, “Medtronic has had a presence in Galway since 1982 and over the years, our employees have made a huge contribution to community and charitable causes in the county. I am delighted that our partnership will enable Galway 2020 to deepen the culture of volunteerism across Galway.” He continued, “The Health Hub aligns to the Medtronic Mission to alleviate pain, restore health and extend life and I hope the programmes launched here will have a long-lasting positive impact on the health of people in our community.”

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