Generation 20


Galway owes much of its vibrancy to its youthful population, who in the 70s, decided they wanted more for their city and county.

The bold, confident, bohemian vibe that is Galway can be traced back to a group of young students who wanted more art, more spectacle, more theatre in Galway – and so together they created the bones of what will be the European Capital of Culture in 2020. Galway’s creative scene has grown much over the years, building on those foundations, morphing into a vibrant collective of creatives who have much to offer in terms of talent and creativity.

To celebrate the next generation of Galway artists, Galway 2020 is running Generation 20 – a photo and interview series focusing on the new wave of up and coming artists in Galway. Throughout the series, the artists, music makers and film-makers will talk about their aspirations, frustrations, and their hopes for Galway 2020.

“There’s an openness to the up and coming artistic generation in Galway”

Photographed and interviewed by photographer Julia Monard, also one of Galway’s new waves of creatives, the series aims to capture a bit of the magic that these talented young people bring to Galway.

“There’s an openness to the up and coming artistic generation in Galway,” says Julia, “not just in how they perceive the world, but also in how much they share of themselves. There’s a resilience – to the high rents, bad weather, lack of funding. All the artists have a desire to grow. Galway is very open to new art forms right now – there’s a sense of novelty and a lot of germinating ideas. Most people who are living and creating in Galway now are doing so because they choose to and are passionate about being here – that’s a powerful place to be coming from. As a part of Galway 2020, I feel that it’s important to capture this group of people for posterity – to say these are the people who lived in Galway around 2020. They were colourful and strong.”

The interview series kicks off with Cat Turner, an electronic alternative pop music artist based in Galway City. She talks about the importance of not getting lost in other people’s perceptions, being authentic, and how social media influences her music.

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