Project Ireland 2040 Funding

We’re delighted at the allocation of €15m for Galway 2020, which was announced last week as a part of Project Ireland 2040.


Project Ireland 2040, which will invest almost €1.2bn in culture, heritage and Irish language in the coming decade, is the most significant commitment to culture that any Irish government has ever made. The investment highlights the importance of culture – to our communities, our individual wellbeing, and to our prosperity.

This funding will ensure that Ireland, with its rich heritage and unique culture, will be recognised as a centre for cultural excellence. Galway 2020 will play its own role in this – not just by investing heavily in a programme that will ensure that every individual and child in the city and county have an opportunity to partake in culture throughout the year 2020, but also in promoting Ireland as a cultural destination internationally.

This is an exceptional time for Galway, and for Ireland. It’s an opportunity to harness all that is unique and special about the country – its people, its culture and its heritage – and to show to the world just what we are made of.

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