Mark Hill – LUXE


LUXE are a landscape theatre company based in Donegal with a growing international reputation for making beautiful illuminated spectacle on Islands and beaches of the Atlantic Coast from Connemara to Vesterålen in Arctic Norway.

Here, Mark of LUXE tells us why street art matters.


Your performance during FRESH STREET will be a highlight for us… what do you want to achieve with your performance?   

Our original proposal was for a ritual twilight beach happening, a piece of landscape theatre, on the island of Inis Oírr so  

We will be bringing a piece of landscape theatre, a ritual twilight happening and some rare Atlantic freshness into the city for the evening. We want to clear the street and bring a fresh energy to the city in preparation for the coming year of culture. 

What is the importance of street art for society, in your opinion? 

The street is a place where we can open the eyes of an audience to worlds of possibility, a place where this reality and other realities can be seen alongside each other. The street is also a place where work can be made that is completely of the moment, of the now. 

“The street is a place where we can open the eyes of an audience to worlds of possibility.” 

How can it transform places?  

As artists, it is our job to bring about change, to explore and free up new spaces for public engagement. It is our job to bring an audience to a new place for a responsive experience in order to change that spacecreating fresh memories, associations and possibilities.  


What does FRESH STREET mean to you?  

We’ve made our living on the streets for most of our lives and it is interesting to see a fresh administration lining up to address this last levelling bastion of freedom.  


As a result of their partnership with Circostrada, the ISACS Network will host the International conference FRESH STREET#3 in partnership with Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture. This event is scheduled to take place from 22 – 24 May 2019. It will see over 250 international delegates with a professional background and passion for all things street arts from all over the world in attendance. Artists, practitioners, programmers, producers, festivals, stakeholders, policymakers, journalists and more will make up the audience.

The theme of this event is ‘Place and Identity’ and is driven largely by the global and local crisis that the world is experiencing currently in relation to how we relate, feel and perceive same.

The event will be hosted by the National University of Ireland, Galway, with a one-day exploration of place and identity on the beautiful Inis Oírr, Aran Islands.

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