Project Baa Baa Launches Schools Sheep Project


Galway 2020’s Project Baa Baa is a unique programme celebrating the cultural, economic and environmental contribution of sheep in Ireland and Europe.  It explores Ireland’s agricultural heritage including sheep farming for meat, milk and the many uses of wool.

Aiming to inspire and educate children about the important role of sheep and associated traditions in our culture, Project Baa Baa is launching its ‘Primary Schools Sheep Project’.

Earlier this year, Project Baa Baa launched its Primary School Project Exhibition competition by sending every school in Galway City and County an invitation to take part in a pilot sheep project, along with a copy of a project book with facts on sheep.

This was followed by an education and engagement programme with primary school sheep demonstrations, beginning in May 2019.

In addition, Project Baa Baa attended the Roscommon Lamb Festival to engage with the public on the Primary Schools Sheep Project.

Schools are now being invited to take part in research from September 2019.  The themes of the research include; sheep farming, agritourism, food, meat, milk, cheese, wool, craft, eco and innovation. Each school will present their project in their school or local library from 24 April 2020 across a number of weeks. Thirty shortlisted projects will be selected by an independent panel of judges and these will be invited to take part in the Primary Schools Sheep Project Exhibition in Galway City during EU Congress Week, on Saturday 30 May 2020. A prize for the winning schools will be awarded to the top three projects.

Visit the Project Baa Baa website for more information.

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