Promise of a Sunny Day



As we reach for mid-winter, we’re helping keep body and soul together with poetry in Galway 2020.


Our very special first Friday surprise is this poetry reading by NUIG graduate and poet, Paul McCarrick. New and gifted poets are emerging from Ireland’s endless supply of talent all the time, a proliferation of authentic and original voices, chiming with the voices of the entire population.


Good poetry is full of surprises. This might have to do with the poet’s uncanny ability to speak for us and for our time. In depressed times, in traumatic times, when someone has just suffered a loss, when the heart has just been broken, people turn to poetry to express the inexpressible.   Equally, when the heart is full of love, when you’ve just experienced something miraculous, people again turn to poetry, to find the matching words. Poetry, which can be simultaneously accessible and mysterious, reaches for the places that other forms can’t reach.

Throughout 2020, we’ll drop these poetry surprises into your day from time to time. We’re commissioning poems to mark the seasons, we’re running a county-wide schools poetry writing project proving, as if proof was needed, that Galway is full of poets. We’re gifting poems to new-borns, we’re working with partners at NUI Galway, Stinging Fly and of course, with our friends at Poetry Ireland to keep poetry in rude good health.


So here’s to Promise of a Sunny Day.



Special thanks to Poetry Ireland Review for leading us to this poem and to Paul Lenehan and the Poetry Ireland team for assisting us to access it.


Video produced by Lakshika Films.

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