Why I Volunteer: Niamh Ni Chonaill


Twenty-one-year-old NUI Galway student, Niamh Ni Chonaill is from Inverin, Connemara, and a volunteer with Galway 2020.

Why did you choose to become a Wave Maker?

I became a volunteer with Galway 2020 because I feel it is important that the Gaeltacht culture and language, which is on Galway’s doorstep, should be represented. Galway is home to a variety of different nationalities and it was important for me to get involved and share my experience of growing up in a Connemara Gaeltacht community, while also getting the opportunity to get involved in something new and exciting for Galway.


What do enjoy about volunteering with Galway 2020?

I feel a real sense of pride in embracing and promoting the Irish language. It’s been a real learning experience to get involved in volunteering. You meet new people from all around the world who have their own story to tell and it’s so interesting listening to their experience of Galway and their new life here. Everyone I’ve spoken to seems to love Galway and find that they are welcomed with open arms. So for me, being a Galway native, it’s very heart-warming to hear that.

“If you have the time to spare, why not get involved in something meaningful and exciting for Galway?”

What are your hopes for the next couple of years with Galway 2020?

I just hope to meet more new people and make friends along the way. Hopefully, I will be able to help out with new projects and events that take place.


What would you say to anyone considering joining the Wave Makers programme?

I would definitely recommend that people take the opportunity and throw themselves into something new and exciting. If you have the time to spare, why not get involved in something meaningful and exciting for Galway

Volunteer with Galway 2020

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