Backgrounds: I Am Galway

Darrell Vydelingum, a Galway 2020 commission
DATE October
LOCATION Galway City and County

Remember the time when every town centre had its own photographic studio? Babies, newly-weds, recent arrivals, extended families – everyone would go to the photographer to get their picture taken to commemorate a moment in time.

Image Norma by Zeinab Batchelor, 2019

In Backgrounds, artist Darrell Vydelingum will re-visit this idea and create a new, collective portrait of Galway today. It will celebrate Galway’s many diverse communities by inviting everyone to create an individual ceremonial portrait.

Young photographers from NUI Galway and GMIT will recreate photographers’ studios in locations across the city and county, with each background chosen by the sitter. Collectively, these images will tell a story about what it means to be a Galwegian in the 21st century, revealing who is here and how they choose to be portrayed.

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