David Best, a Galway 2020 commission
LOCATION Galway County
VENUE Galway County

Internationally-renowned artist David Best, famous for his ephemeral Temples at the Burning Man event in the Nevada Desert, comes to Galway in a pioneering new work which unites young people north and south of the border in Ireland.

After Derry’s UK City of Culture 2013, David Best and his Temple Crew memorably created a non-religious temple where those on opposing sides left their defenses, differences and grievances outside, acknowledging the past and readying themselves to move on.

Five years later, on the centenary of the Government of Ireland Act, which established the border between the Republic and Northern Ireland, Galway 2020 has invited Best to revisit with Borderline at a time when our own border and many others across the world are a topic of dispute, representing the most contentious geopolitical spaces of our time.

For Galway 2020, Best will reunite with those brought together in Derry to work alongside the Galway community to create another extraordinary temporary monument to a world without borders, conflict and the pain of division.

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