Sample Studios


DATE 5 Nov–Feb 2021
LOCATION Cork, Galway, Dublin
VENUE St Luke’s Crypt, Engage Art Studio, A4 Sounds
CREDITS Kim-Ling Morris Artistic Director
Sample-Studios Sinéad Barrett Curator
Sample-Studios TACTIC Grace Mitchell
Managing Director, Engage Arts
Lis Crowne Director, A4 Sounds
Sinéad Barrett

Cahoots exhibition exchange is a unique national collaborative initiative between artists from the three cities.

Cork 5–15  November
Webtour (opening)
Open to public on location Fri–Sun 1pm–5pm (limited access)
Galway January 2021
Dublin February 2021

Sample-Studios, Engage Art Studios & A4 Sounds are three of Ireland’s leading artist-led studios. An initial contact between these three art hubs has paved the beginnings of new conversation between artists from the cities of Galway, Dublin and Cork. Developing on from these partnerships, the studios have begun to establish a cross-national network of exchange and novel collaborations over disciplines and locations. As each studio group has artists from several European countries who are now settled in Ireland, the Cahoots 2020/2021 project will begin with the development of an inter-studios response to Language and Migration. From the resultant exhibition brief, each studio group will host an exhibition that has been curated from works created by participating artists from the other two studio groups.

In November 2020, work from Galway and Dublin will be shown at St Luke’s Crypt in Cork City as part of Sample-Studios’ TACTIC Visual Arts Programme. In February 2021, work from Cork City and Dublin will be shown at Engage Arts in Galway. Exhibition content will be made available on-line.