City of Light, City of Sanctuary

Lantern Company in a co-production with Galway 2020
DATE Cancelled
LOCATION Galway City

A breathtakingly beautiful floating city of lanterns created by Lantern Company, City of Light, City of Sanctuary will be a public space for reflection on local and global experiences of migration, home and belonging.

Working with Galway residents and a team of international artists, City of Light, City of Sanctuary is inspired by the increasingly urgent issues of displacement affecting many people and communities in the world today. City of Light asks what ‘home’ really means to those who are settled and those who remain displaced.

Over a thousand Galway residents of all ages (both newly-arrived and long-established) reflecting on their own experiences and stories, will make the work using the simplest of materials. From shelters, houses and blocks of flats, to iconic buildings in Galway and farther afield, this glowing, floating cityscape will be accompanied by a cinematic soundscape by film composer Roma Yagnik that will transport audiences on a magical journey around the world.

Artistic director Jo Pocock and composer Roma Yagnik

Following guidance issued by the Government in relation to measures to contain Covid-19 it is with regret that Galway 2020 has made the decision to cancel this event. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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