Galway 2020 Opening Event

Produced by Wonder Works with Galway City and County Community Cast
DATE 1-8 February
LOCATION Galway City and County

Beginning in the farthest reaches of Galway, fiery celebrations will erupt in towns and villages across the county in keeping with the ancient traditions of the Irish Celtic calendar.

Moving ever closer to the city throughout the first week of Imbolc, a huge cast drawn from across the community will invade the streets and squares of Galway on the evening of Saturday 8 February 2020.

Marking the passing of winter and the blossoming of an extraordinary new year, our opening event celebrates the quintessential values of Irishness – courage, creativity and resilience. Taking place in the open air, everyone is welcome and the event is free to attend.

In paying homage to the stories of the past and those elements that make Galway special, our ceremony will move to recognise the community’s future in a breathtaking event that will encompass all that places Galway, and Ireland, at the heart of Europe in 2020.

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