Macnas: Gilgamesh

A Galway 2020 commission
DATE September 2020 to March 2021
CREDITS Marina Carr – Writer
Noeline Kavanagh – Director
Julian Crouch – Designer
Nick Powell – Composer & Sound Designer
Orla Clogher – Associate Designer
Cherie White – Costume Designer
Colm Hogan – Cinematographer
Anna Maddalena Cingi – Assistant Designer
Artichoke – Executive Producer
Image Colm Hogan

Master storytellers Macnas will bring a dramatic new interpretation of the world’s oldest story to Galway – the legend of Gilgamesh.




The legend of Gilgamesh is the world’s first ever hero’s journey.

An epic tale which follows a young king called Gilgamesh as he embarks upon a quest for answers to humanity’s fundamental questions about love, power, death and immortality.

The extraordinary adventures of Gilgamesh will unfold across city, county and online and will see Macnas elevate its signature imaginative style taking traditional theatre and storytelling, into new outdoor, indoor and digital territories via, bringing the contemporary themes of this ancient origin story to life.

Get ready. Gilgamesh is coming.

GILGAMESH: Live + Online

September, October, November 2020
Free, appears in the city and online at


06 December 2020
Free, an outdoor ticketed event in a rural location


16 – 28 March 2021
Ticketed event at The Black Box Theatre