Galway 2020 and St. Nicholas’s Market Traders Group present

Local Place, Global Space

A Small Towns Big Ideas project
LOCATION Galway City
VENUE St. Nicholas’s Collegiate Church,

Locals and tourists alike may know The Galway Market well from Saturday visits to its narrow streets, but how much of the history of this ancient market is widely known? Local Place, Global Space takes us on a journey through the history and people of this vibrant, bustling street market that has been trading alongside the iconic St. Nicholas’s Church for centuries.

Creating a new audio-visual exhibition Local Place, Global Space charts the food heritage of the market and how this has evolved over the centuries reflecting socio-economic trends, international trading routes and the migration of people to and from Galway. The exhibition brings us right up to the current day and the status of the market as thriving multicultural space hosting traders and customers from all over the world; a Local Place and Global Space.

Dates and Opening Hours to be Announced.

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